cracking furnace run length improvements


KPI is an Independent Process Technology Consulting and Engineering group specializing in Ethylene & PDH Plants with derivative Petrochemicals. Expertise include Project Development, Plant Troubleshooting for improved Capacity, Efficiency & Reliability including custom Training since 2006.

rl optimizing parameters

  • S/O Ratio

  • Feed Flow Distribution

  • Firing Pattern

  • Feed mix quality

  • Efficacy of De-coking


  • Westlake

  • BASF

  • Huntsman


key r/length indicators

  • TMT of Individual Coils

  • ΔP & COP

  • High Crossover Temp

  • Max TLE Exit Temp

  • Max B/Wall Temp

Objectives & key benefits

  • To Maximize Olefins Production

  • To Maximize Coil Life

  • Energy Savings

  • Shorter TLE T/A time

  • Improved Plant Reliability 


Resources & expertise

  • Simulation modeling for various Cracking Furnace Configurations

  • Coke build up modeling

  • Simulation modeling of complete Ethylene plant

  • Troubleshooting and Design experience in various Coils and

    Plant Configurations

  • Experienced Personnel